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NIKKI official DUNK SKY HI women 's sports shoes

  • discount price: RM343
Purchase quantity:
  (in stock: 9999+)
Color Size code female 貨號 價格 庫存
Floral 22.5CM=US5.5 NIKE202_1 RM343 9999
Floral 23.0CM=US6.0 NIKE202_2 RM343 9999
Floral 23.5CM=US6.5 NIKE202_3 RM343 9999
Floral 24.0CM=US7.0 NIKE202_4 RM343 9999
Floral 24.5CM=US7.5 NIKE202_5 RM343 9999
Floral 25.0CM=US8.0 NIKE202_6 RM343 9999
Leopard 22.5CM=US5.5 NIKE202_7 RM343 9999
Leopard 23.0CM=US6.0 NIKE202_8 RM343 9999
Leopard 23.5CM=US6.5 NIKE202_9 RM343 9999
Leopard 24.0CM=US7.0 NIKE202_10 RM343 9999
Leopard 24.5CM=US7.5 NIKE202_11 RM343 9999
Leopard 25.0CM=US8.0 NIKE202_12 RM343 9999
Orange 22.5CM=US5.5 NIKE202_13 RM343 9999
Orange 23.0CM=US6.0 NIKE202_14 RM343 9999
Orange 23.5CM=US6.5 NIKE202_15 RM343 9999
Orange 24.0CM=US7.0 NIKE202_16 RM343 9999
Orange 24.5CM=US7.5 NIKE202_17 RM343 9999
Orange 25.0CM=US8.0 NIKE202_18 RM343 9999
Pink 22.5CM=US5.5 NIKE202_19 RM343 9999
Pink 23.0CM=US6.0 NIKE202_20 RM343 9999
Pink 23.5CM=US6.5 NIKE202_21 RM343 9999
Pink 24.0CM=US7.0 NIKE202_22 RM343 9999
Pink 24.5CM=US7.5 NIKE202_23 RM343 9999
Pink 25.0CM=US8.0 NIKE202_24 RM343 9999
Black and white 22.5CM=US5.5 NIKE202_25 RM343 9999
Black and white 23.0CM=US6.0 NIKE202_26 RM343 9999
Black and white 23.5CM=US6.5 NIKE202_27 RM343 9999
Black and white 24.0CM=US7.0 NIKE202_28 RM343 9999
Black and white 24.5CM=US7.5 NIKE202_29 RM343 9999
Black and white 25.0CM=US8.0 NIKE202_30 RM343 9999
black 22.5CM=US5.5 NIKE202_31 RM343 9999
black 23.0CM=US6.0 NIKE202_32 RM343 9999
black 23.5CM=US6.5 NIKE202_33 RM343 9999
black 24.0CM=US7.0 NIKE202_34 RM343 9999
black 24.5CM=US7.5 NIKE202_35 RM343 9999
black 25.0CM=US8.0 NIKE202_36 RM343 9999
red 22.5CM=US5.5 NIKE202_37 RM343 9999
red 23.0CM=US6.0 NIKE202_38 RM343 9999
red 23.5CM=US6.5 NIKE202_39 RM343 9999
red 24.0CM=US7.0 NIKE202_40 RM343 9999
red 24.5CM=US7.5 NIKE202_41 RM343 9999
red 25.0CM=US8.0 NIKE202_42 RM343 9999
Khaki 22.5CM=US5.5 NIKE202_43 RM343 9999
Khaki 23.0CM=US6.0 NIKE202_44 RM343 9999
Khaki 23.5CM=US6.5 NIKE202_45 RM343 9999
Khaki 24.0CM=US7.0 NIKE202_46 RM343 9999
Khaki 24.5CM=US7.5 NIKE202_47 RM343 9999
Khaki 25.0CM=US8.0 NIKE202_48 RM343 9999
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